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Ron's Renamer is a simple app to change the name of hundreds of files at the same time instead of having to do it one by one. You can also look for files and rename them by searching by name or file type. This feature makes renaming files that have something in common a lot easier.

A feature worth highlighting on Ron's Renamer is that you can use the search and replace feature to rename files, thus avoiding having to filter items manually. With this option, you can change the name of up to 100 different files at once.

The app interface is designed to give you access to all information right from the main window: the original file name, the new name, the size, time of last edit, and a box to select the items you want to edit.

If you need to rename hundreds of files or simply want to manage your music collections, for example, Ron's Renamer is a good way to apply bulk changes without wasting time.

The trial version only lets you modify up to 75 files.

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